Saturday, May 12, 2012

So basically Coulson is Haruhi.

  • Squid: ...actually I was having thoughts on this yesterday. On how the Avengers are basically like a superhero host club of attractive male types.
  • Squid: You have Steve, the Actual Nice Guy. He'll be sweet as sugar to you, call you ma'am, hold doors but not be chauvinistic about it.
  • Squid: Tony's the bad boy, the one who'll get you drunk and go trespassing and generally give no fucks except the one he gives you. And that one will be amazing and probably on someone else's car.
  • Squid: Thor's the buff football player/frat boy, but not in a jerk way. He's a little oblivious but likes to party, drink and roughhouse with the boys.
  • Squid: Bruce is our sensitive nerd type. A little lonely but very smart, needs cuddles.
  • Squid: Clint is the brooding loner, the type who's standoffish but will warm up to you eventually.
  • Squid: Loki is...what we'd call a fixer-upper. Damaged, sad, tragic past, lashing out at the world around him but really just wants to be loved.
  • Squid: ...and of course Natasha is for the lesbian contingent.
  • Lauren: Yes.
  • Squid: Coulson is the humble everyman, the one who isn't loud and out there but will take you to nice dinners and have interesting conversations with you.
  • Squid: And god help you if Fury's your type.
  • Lauren: And for weirdos like me....
  • Squid: Yes, yes. And for the BDSM and jackboots crowd we have the Red Skull.